Monday, July 07, 2014

Families and Fruits

Recently someone talked about her family and how that family is the plan of Heavenly Father.  Agreed.  Family is part of that plan.
Yet ... what makes a family sans gay people a better family?  More part of God's plan?  If I were at a family reunion with my partner and my children, and someone looked around basking in the glory of family being part of God's plan, would they skip over me and mine?  Would they say, "Except for their family.  Their family isn't part of the plan."

I challenge that notion. 

I was raised in a "traditional" family.  I was part of a "traditional" partnership which resulted in the "traditional" offspring. And now I'm part of something seen as "less than" and "unworthy".  Yet ... I'm happier than ever, feel more connected to my Savior then ever before, feel more peace about me and mine than I ever have, and ... I know that my family unit is part of His plan. 

If by their fruits ye shall know them ... is my orchard to be ignored just because it's not the fruit you're used to?  Discarded just because someone told you it was bad?  Look for yourself and see, and I challenge you to find an absence of God, His blessings, His favor, and even an absence of His approval in my family unit.  What you will find is a secure, loving, happy family who loves God and receives His blessings regularly.  A family that absolutely belongs together. 

Family is definitely being threatened, people, but your "traditional" one isn't on the receiving end.


Juniper said...

Yay! Thank you for this powerful, direct testimony about families, Kim.

I have been watching “Long Island Medium” on streaming Netflix recently (originally on the TLC channel). What has struck me most is how clear is Theresa Caputo’s sense of purpose: to deliver messages from people’s departed loved ones so that they know that there is more to life than the physical world and that their loved ones are still with them continually. What also struck me was how repeatedly people’s loved ones are coming through, using Theresa as a medium, in order to help their loved ones on earth heal from their grief and move on in their lives and relationships, AND to enjoy the hope of eventually joining their families on the other side. The messages are clearly designed always to promote continued connection to FAMILY, both in this world and in the next.

What I have been pondering is what an amazing manifestation of the spirit of Elijah this is. The spirit of Elijah! Among people who are not LDS, who have not been to the temple and sealed as families, and through a woman whose spirituality is about clearing chakras, drumming, and connecting with spirit guides, not LDS and not even Christian from anything I’ve seen in the first 2 seasons.

Do these families, whose departed loved ones are saying “We’re here! We’re with you! Our love and our togetherness does not end and will never end!” Do these families get to stay together too? They surely seem to think so. And without any mention of the Latter-Day Saints or temples or traditional families.

Now I don’t mean to belittle the teaching of the Latter-Day Saints one bit. I just mean to say that when the Latter-Day Saints believe that ONLY their families are forever, they have a whole world of human beings, as well as beings who have passed on into the spirit world, going on their way with the love of their families at the heart of their existence . . . and nary a glance at the Latter-Day Saints. I also don’t mean to suggest that the priesthood sealing power means nothing. I think it does mean something very significant, but what it means needs to be refined. It clearly does not mean “only Latter-Day Saint families are together forever.” Millions of Heavenly Father’s children in a great variety of spiritual traditions, both here and in the spirit world, are testifying by experience that it simply does not mean that.

Annetta Arrowwood said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My daughter and son both hate it when people tell them that a family has to be a man and a woman. Sometimes, a woman who loves them as her own can be a better dad than the man who helped create them.

Fit Studs said...

This is so cute.
Something to wish for in life! ^_^